A gummy Smile, as we all know it, is when too much gum tissue is displayed over the top teeth. It is clearly visible when a person smiles. Generally, people having it know very well about it.

If you are one of them and seeking treatment for it, you have come to the right spot. Top Glendale Orthodontists are always on the edge of their teeth to put your smile next to perfect.

From knowing what causes the gummy smile to knowing whether or not it can be treated, there is a lot to conquer here. Are you ready to make the smile-changing or shall we say, the ‘life-changing’ decision of your life?

Let’s get started.

What causes Gummy Smile? 

Gummy Smile is nothing more than an excessive display of gingival. It happens when the gums that should extend to support your teeth go beyond the limit set. When gums pass the point, they are displayed right at the front when the person smiles; which of course, is not a favorable look for anybody.

Other reasons for this could be genetics and bad bite.

Does It Affect Teeth Functionality? 

Ask any dentist in Glendale and he or she’d tell you that you should know this by experience. Generally, people do not face any hindrance in functionality due to this. However, if there is an issue, it might be because of this or due to another cause. Visit your local dentist in this case right away.

Does Orthodontist Treatment Help Deal With This Issue? 

Yes, your Glendale Orthodontist should be able to help you combat this issue called Gummy Smile. The world of dentistry now has fascinating solutions that weren’t seen, heard, or even imagined here. For starters, say Dental Implants are no less than a Boon to the world.

Likewise, Gummy Smile could get rectified through treatments like:

  • Scaling
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Lip Surgery
  • Teeth Alignment can also help balance things out.

However, this should all be done under the supervision of an experienced dentist who has the technical know-how of the modern world.

What more can an Orthodontist do for you?

No, it is not just the teeth that we are looking at here. The picture is bigger and deeper. Here is how a top-rated Glendale Orthodontist comes to your aid. 

  • Combatting Headaches: Headaches could be the result of teeth issues. Due to tensions in teeth, headaches get common and people seek dental help. If you are one of many, do not wait for another second to get checked. 
  • Benefits Of Alignment: One who hasn’t had an issue with misalignment of teeth does not really know what proper alignment can do. Despite regular brushing and flossing, some particles might still stick in there if your teeth are not upright. Get a routine checkup in this case. 
  • Reviving The Self Esteem: Missing teeth, a gummy smile, and painful gums can all contribute to suppressing your happiness. Such cases might also see the individual losing his self-esteem. Well, not anymore! Hop on to your local Glendale Orthodontist and get your shiny smile right.

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